First Week

So, I'm done with my first week as Assistant Professor. Can't say it wasn't anything terribly new. But it was kind of alienating in a weird way. Not because the folks here aren't nice -- they are. But the first week is a transition.

The first department meeting isn't until next week and the small day to day stuff just isn't in place yet. Other faculty stop by intermittently with a tentative look and questions of "Are you settled in yet?" or comments about how busy and hectic the first week usually is (it's not for me, really, until I get papers). There's a tension between folks wanting to welcome you but not be taking up too much of your time, either. On top of this, students don't know me yet and are not likely to stop by and talk about the issue I raised regarding portfolio keeping. Even the grad students I have aren't lining up for my office hours or stopping by to discuss their thesis project.

And why would it be any different? I am sure these things will happen in time. I am getting to know and talk a more with students in the major. I even chatted with a grad student of mine in the Department office today. Still, the experience of it can be odd. I am here but not of here, if that makes sense. I must let my roots grow down.


k8 said...

The first set of papers is when I feel the semester's work starts starts - or at least, that's when I start to feel it.

How does it feel to say you have grad students?

Unknown said...

To say I am teaching grad students is pretty cool, to be honest. But, they have their own challenges, too. Sometimes they seem too complacent for their own good. I figured they would want to talk so much, it would seem as if they should start teaching the class. No such luck. I gotta give props to my TESOL students, though -- they are pretty interactive!

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