Le Grand Content

Anne Wysocki had a post on her blog about this film, Le Grand Content (also available on You Tube). It's funny and creepy and pretty bizarre, but I like it nonetheless. Like others have said, it pokes fun at a culture devoted to Power Point, USA Today, and useless factoids that strive for gravitas. Students might learn something about argument from it, but maybe using it in a classroom would neuter its comic potential. I dunno... it's revealing as a process of (admittedly bad) theorizing, but to what degree do we all fall into the problem it points up? For those of us in the Western cultures, the triadic spheres are no accident, nor are the graphs. It's a pithy bit of satire on contemporary thought, really. Sad & depressing, but ain't it the truth?

Not always theoretical... not even always academic.. but always written..